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Basically, this has been an ongoing case between myself and BMW SA. My BMW was bought last year and has been giving me technical issues since +/- 2000km after the purchase of the car. The car underwent change of Motorplan under BMW inspection (Qulaity Check).

The car started giving problems 2000km after my ownership. The car became and still is a road safety hazard and misfires mid-journey forcing me to pull off up to 15 times in a 1 hour distance. I have been taking my car into BMW dealers for months now and have even opened a case with BMW SA for appropriate assistance. Once they realised they cannot find the fault on the car (which is still under BMW Motorplan) they start making excuses. They blamed corruption at their dealerships and eventually when I was adamant that I will not rest, they suspended my Motorplan through sabotage.

I have pictures, videos and recordings of all correspondence and other evidence to back my story, as well as many other clients who are facing unfair treatment from BMW and BMW SA. Many customers have had such unfair treatment from BMW SA and many will stand up and speak against this blatant scamming. I have exhausted every avenue within BMW, going to the point of contacting the MD of BMW SA (Tim Abbott), who does not respond to any of my emails and just goes on with life. A BMW agent (Nieren; BMW SA) admits that it is a GAMBLE and BAD LUCK to purchase any BMW, even from their dealers who are corrupt, unethical and have been robbing South African consumers for a very long time.

I want to educate South Africans to see that paying large amounts of hard-earned money for "expensive" cars from BMW is purely a risk and danger.

Here is the details of BMW and their pathetic Service Promise:

•From about 56000 km, I have been experiencing Drivetrain error messages, where the car misfires and limps in the middle of the road, mid-journey. This is the major problem, apart from the electrical faults, gearbox whines and rattles and many other issues with the car.

•From Aug. 2017 till date, the car has gone into three different BMW dealers over 4 separate times. Problem still persists and no solution or progress.

•Once I made it clear that I cannot keep cancelling classes, practical sessions and work hours, running up and down, trying to solve the very same problem which BMW cannot resolve, a meeting was set for me with Nieren at BMW Midrand offices.

•He made us drive all the way from Potchefstroom on the 26th of February 2018, under the false pretence that he would find a solution to the problem.

•Instead, he interrupts me 15 minutes into the meeting, saying that he had suspended the motorplan on the car and BMW will no longer assist me.

•He then shows me a picture of a damaged catalytic converter (cat), claiming it came off my car (and admits that he has no way to prove to me that it is from my car, but I should trust them). He first hints towards the fact that I had apparently “modified” it. Seeing that I have no knowledge of the function and purpose of the part and that I totally deny any such action, he is left with the only option to blame the previous owner for the apparent “modification”. He showed very strong emotions towards the fact that the BMW dealers had claimed so many parts for my car and had costed BMW motorplan so much money, with no sight of solving the issue.

•He (Nieren) then claims that the BMW Quality Check which I paid for prior to purchasing the car was of no use, as Quality Check is “only a visual thing”. I have solid proof showing that BMW Quality Check in South Africa does not only entail a visual check for accidents prior to change of motorplan and ownership, but many other mechanical, electrical, undercarriage etc checks. BMW SA blatantly deny my facts, knowing, as Nieren stated, that there is too many complications with their decision.

•He says that none of the dealers ever removed the exhaust and/or cat, so it has nothing to do with them. I have provided proof of where BMW Daly removed the whole exhaust and cat, inspected it, found that it was in perfect order and then reinstalled it. He denies this even though Daly BMW charged BMW Motorplan for this.

•If BMW did not check the exhaust at the time of the Quality Check, I cannot be held liable for this. He claims that it is my “bad luck” and that no one must ever buy a used BMW as BMW dealers are corrupt and work with other used car sales to sell faulty and modified cars. This car had gone many, many times to BMW dealers and never was there ever an indication that the car was apparently “modified”. If BMW’s systems and check cannot uphold their promise, then I cannot be held responsible for this.

•BMW Quality Check is supposed to ensure that cars are mechanically, electrically and physically sound, so that Motorplan can be transferred to new owners. If I was informed of an “apparent modification”, I would have never purchased the car. I have the previous owner’s cellphone number, and he can be contacted as a witness, that the car was NEVER altered or modified.

•He then proceeds to state that because of this “modified” cat (which can’t be proven to have come from my car), both rear brake lights failed, the 12V socket on the front had problems, the PDC showed errors, the gearbox rattles and whines were caused, the 2001 service message appeared (lets note that this car is a 2014 model, but displayed a 2001 service message weeks after returning from Sovereign BMW) and all other faults are because of a “modified” cat. Apparently a cat can damage everything on a car.

•This cat was found by a technician (Gareth) who worked last on the car at Sovereign BMW. He is the same person who told me that he tunes and modifies “these cars” and makes”290 kilowatts” on “these cars”. He told me to come to him after hours to modify my car. I declined his request politely, saying that my car is under motorplan and I am not into those type of things. He was very upset at my response. He said that he makes sure that “these cars” also have motorplans and he ensures that things are claimed and covered by BMW. He is the same person, who we must now trust to be honest and ethical, when he says that it is the cat that came from my car.

•The previous time the car went into Sovereign BMW, the car was returned to me where I experienced white smoke from the exhausts and horrible fuel consumption. I complained of this and BMW SA have the recorded calls of my complaints when the car returned from Sovereign BMW the first time. This serves as proof, of at which point something happened to the cat, as confirmed by a mechanical and industrial engineer at my campus.

•Daly BMW have claimed without doubt that prior to the car going to Sovereign BMW, the cat was in perfect condition as they had stripped the whole exhaust. They have verified this several times. Nieren claims Daly BMW are guilty and must give me a new car.

•Every time I took my car in, I had to pay for fuel which they used for “testing” the car. I have a slip proving that my car was used for their personal food errands and each time received my car dirty from Sovereign BMW. BMW on every instance denied anything ever being faulty on the car, even though I offered to present my photographic evidence.

•I have lodged many complaints against Sovereign BMW from the first time my car went in to them. They stole one of my engine bay covers, which they later had to replace. They treated me with racism (Neville and “Bibi”-the racists) and very rudely (by Bianca). All this serves as motive for this ploy of theirs.

•This all seems as a nasty plot, by Sovereign BMW and Nieren (who insists Sovereign BMW are in no way wrong and are perfect). The fact that they cannot fix the issue with the car, they look for any excuse and fabricate claims of “modification” in order for them to dust their hands of their responsibility. They first cannot fix their own cars, and once I start complaining, they prove me a point by suspending my motorplan. This seems to be a dictatorship organization.

•They now claim to have no link to all of this. Nieren came to the meeting with one page and absolutely no history of the complaints and facts of this case and suspended my motorplan without any solid proof (besides some random picture, he claims came from Rosslyn). He refused to see all the evidence I had brought with for him and came to the meeting with one purpose: To suspend the motorplan on an assumption he made.

•BMW must explain how did this “modification” come about, as this car has only gone to BMW dealers from day one. BMW must prove at exactly what stage was the modification done. Their picture of the cat shows clearly that it has a fresh wound, and that if this car had drove with the damaged cat, it could have never been for more than 1000km at most, or at all.

•Sovereign BMW made me drive my car without topping up the coolant, and apparently this was nothing and caused no damage as compared to some random “modified” cat. I had to later top it up with tap water, as instructed by a BMW SA agent.

I have loads of proof in the form of pictures, videos and voice recordings of this whole case. I have proof indicating that many, many people are suffering at the hands of BMW and their fools in the motorplan division , who think they are untouchable and left to bully South African consumers for years now. I had even emailed the MD of BMW (Mr. Abbott), who did not even reply to my emails. The suspension of my motorplan took place after my email to him. When I commented on one of BMW SA’s posts, Merissa Chetty from BMW Customer Service called me to tell me to take legal action against them and indirectly tell me that I am not allowed to comment, communicate or post anything to them or against them. She is the exact same consultant who failed to assist me in the beginning of this case. This is the type of service BMW clients have to live with.

I will happily provide all my evidence on request to build a complete picture of what horror I have faced with this company. (Not all my formats uploaded here, but I have everything saved and many copies.)

Anyone who has faced any similar problems with BMW and their unethical motorplan: please feel free to email me (, as this cannot be ignored for some innocent South African to suffer at their hands again. I will not rest until BMW can answer my questions, NEVER! BMW must man up and admit to their crap and start rectifying it.

Product or Service Mentioned: 2014 Bmw F20 Car.

Reason of review: Warranty issue.

Monetary Loss: $360000.

Preferred solution: Consider the circumstances surrounding this case and the lack of evidence as to who, how and when was the part damaged.

BMW South Africa Cons: How my car was serviced, Rudeness of the customer services staff, Motor plan warranty issue, Service, Lack of ability to repair their cars.

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