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I had taken my Mini cooper JCW GP in for repairs, 3 times within a period of 1 and a half month, to have my left front breaks fixed. They insisted they were fixed, but wasnt and the service manager confirmed this.

The morning after i recieved my car back,after my last service, the breaks malfunctioned resulted in my colliding into the pavement. Thank God i wasnt on the highway and that no one else was injured ~ Upon reporting the issue back to the dealer, a technician called me an *** and that i obviously cant drive (cause im asian)~ the accident happened while i was drive 50 KPH. Furthermore, they drilled holes into my sideskirts after they had broken the clips off~ instead of replacing them which cost R10.50 each.

Extremely Angry but because they are a major corporation my attorneys say there is not much i can do other than to let my insurance company fight them.

How can they take so lightly that My life and the Life of others was in danger because of their negligence ??? Furthermore, what with the RACISM???

am i too naive in thinking that our country is beyond this?? especially coming from a company such a BMW ??

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