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To whom it may concern ( Bmw SA)

I'm Mr Albert Rakgatla from Pretoria, been driving Bmw for the past 13 years love bmw with all my heart.

On the 11th of June 2019 took in my F15 Bmw X5m50d 2017 model Registration " Morioh GP " for the repairs of Gearbox locking problem not selecting the gears, replacement of the battery and the noise emanating from the consolessy in the middle between the two front seat that is serving aircon and heater to the rear area and the Bmw Pretoria Club Motors Fountain they have given me poor service and treated me unfairly so.

They have delt with the Battery exchanged plus Gearbox problem for almost three weeks due to the fact that they have placed the parts on back order from Germany about 14 days that is two weeks while hired a bmw 3 series from Avis for me in that three weeks period and i paid R1500 deposit to hire the car rental and on completion to the gearbox repaired they called me to come collect the vehicle and i made a spot check with them about all mentioned problems if has been attended and the noise effect problem was not then they have to start stripping again the vehicle to search for the problem after three weeks later then they called me thereafter to tell me that the noise is emanating from the consolessy box the fan motor is faulty due to the spillage inside the box to the mechanism and that my motor plan won't cover for such spillage effect therefore i must return the rental vehicle back immediately and i must pay for the repairs from my own pocket and i failed to understand the hush treatment got from them as a regular client that how can i buy an SUV vehicle for more than R1.4 Million brand new with motor plan but still treated so unreasonable about an accident issue of spillage found deeply inside the consolessy fan box and still want to crucify the client for such an impact.

On 5th of July i had to force the dealership to assemble my own vehicle back since they took rental vehicle from cause i can't walk home over the weekend while i have an expensive vehicle that is affecting my life due to Bmw Club Motors Fountain bad service i found myself in, they told me i had to pay double stripping and assembling since I'm taking my vehicle back while they have already opened it and i had no choice but to take my own vehicle incomplete due to the extension of another 14 days two weeks of bsck order parts placed again for the fan/heater motor to arrived from Germany and that would probably come to another more weeks waiting for something that the dealership could done it immediately simultaneously together with the gear box problem to save time especially for the back order parts from Germany to arrive at once.

They charged me about plus minus R7000 for the repairs gave me discount down to R6350.79 to fix the problem and i complained to them about all this challenges but i guess I'm not considered since I'm liable for the repairs at my own expense, therefore i deems it essential to reach out for help from Bmw SA or Bmw Germany to intervene to my crucial matter at stake.

Now I'm aggrieved of the F15 X5m50d itself as an expensive SUV that is incomplete in terms of proper quality control over such delicate parts that are deem to be sensitive enough to enclosed covered for water resistance for proper quality control due to the type of vehicle and the total amount purchased thefeof, We have families, kids, friends and etc to have them with us in the vehicle whereby an accident might occur or incident at any given time such as the spillage issue to affect the vehicle to that deep inner parts that are delicate needs more protection to avoid such predicaments not to happen since the vehicle has been done proper quality control over all delicate parts.

Now the motor plan has an excuse to avoid us from assisting us from such an expensive vehicle still under motor plan and still been paying for monthly instalment and now the client has to pay further for accident of spillage and the vehicle is not fitted correctly with quality control to avoid such implications to ruin our relationship and also to tarnish the reputation of Bmw image or integrity.

Please i solemnly in need of intervention from above to assist me about this challenge and overcome the best offer conclusion that would suite the client and close up the file future referral if possible.

Hope find the above in order for corrections

yours faithful

Albert Rakgatla


Product or Service Mentioned: Bmw South Africa Customer Care.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

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