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I would just like to express my disappointment with the service I received from BMW Menlyn.

I took my car (DT61TNGP) in because it kept complaining about the oil in between services, this was on Monday 8th April and assumed everything was sorted when I collected it since they requested to keep the car for 2 days.

On the 17th the car then started leaking oil which was now a new problem because the issue was the oil warning to refill but not leaking. I then called letting them know I am on my way and I was told to go to an office when I got there & found a lady by the name of Dahnne who did not even acknowledge my presence, just looked at her computer and continued typing.

It was no suprise that I was there because I saw a note with my details on her table so clearly she was expecting me, nonetheless she said they'll quickly check the car so I must wait. I had no time as I was rushing for a meeting and she knew cause she mentioned she was told I'm in a hurry, after arguing with her for some time and me requesting someone that'll be willing to help she then says a driver can drop me off at my meeting.

At this point I'm shocked at the appalling service where I'm inconvenienced because of their incompetence and I don't even get an apology, I bring this to her attention and then only does she apologize but not genuine because she clearly didn't care.

I expressed my frustration of the oil problem on the car and that I feel unsafe especially because I am a lady and drive with my kids most of the time, she mentioned there were no loan cars and that if they have to keep the car they'll make a plan for one. I did not want them checking quickly and letting me drive off with the same problem that they could not sort out in two days and that is what I kept telling her that I do not want to bring back the car a few days later again so I asked why can't a plan be made at that time so the car can be thoroughly checked but she just refused to hear me.

I asked her if she will be there when the driver fetches me after my meeting at 7pm and she said yes, obviously just to get rid of me. I then left with the driver and she called a short while later saying the parts they replaced were defective and the driver will bring a loan car, why could she not do this in the first place?

The drivers came while I was at my meeting and I had to leave before the meeting ended which is another inconvenience that could've easily been avoided, after I mentioned how important that meeting was and that it was scheduled well in advance.

I did not hear anything from them until I followed up on the 23rd around 8am, I was put through to Dahnne again who pretended to not know or remember who I was but knew exactly who the service consultant was and she put me through to him. There was no answer I ended up back at switchboard/reception and asked to speak to her again, she asked me to hold while she walks to Peru who was the service consultant. While she is walking I asked for feedback and she said I should speak to him which also shows lack of ownership because this query was escalated to her but again she didn't care.

Peru then said the car is ready and that it's at wash bay, collected my car later that day and Dahnne would not even step out of her office which was disappointing that a senior person would not want to acknowledge a client who was wronged knowing they had messed up cause it's clear someone didn't do their job proper.

To me, her and Peru are representing BMW and how they will deal with the incompetence of whoever responsible for all of this is irrelevant. They are the face of BMW and the least they could've done is not inconvenience me any further but rather give me good service because that is what BMW prides themselves with.

I am highly disappointed and more so that the car was not even washed proper, water marks on the windscreen and the inside didn't look touched. My car is generally neat on the inside but wiping the seats and the dashboard when washing a car is standard, clearly no one at BMW felt I deserved that hence it was not done.

I requested a letter first time the car went in confirming all the parts that I was told were changed but never got it, asked for it again when I took the car there for the second time and when I collected the car. Peru said they will send me the letter but I have not received anything since.

I am really hoping this lands in the hands of someone that takes their job seriously & is willing to assist customers in the best way possible.

Today 28 April the car is still leaking oil, what am I supposed to do to get this sorted?

Waiting to hear from you.


Kabelo Mafagana

Skype: KabeloSM

Cell: 0834208288

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